Motivational story

To age with grace is their mantra.

Name : Dr. N. K. Singh & Dr. (Mrs) R. Singh

Age : 70 & 62 yrs

Current profession : Retired Educationists

“Never stop dreaming” is the passion that drives the Singhs as they walk the road of life with dignity and pride. Fulfilling their dream of becoming successful professionals, enriching parents and respected mentors, they have also begun endorsing the philosophy of healthy living and healthy thinking.

Dr. Singh has held many portfolios besides being the HOD & Registrar of a leading Indian University. Dr (Mrs). R. Singh, a successful principal, also passionately nurtured and mentored her three children. Both being academicians, their contribution, and vision towards life have shaped the lives of many. Living by their passion for a healthy lifestyle and a belief in the old saying - early to bed, early to rise - has kept them fit mentally and physically.

Regular yoga, walks, a controlled and healthy diet has been the mantra behind their living non-stop. Battling a family history of High Blood Pressure and chronic Diabetes, Dr. Singh is quite active at 70. Positive thinking and a ‘go-getter’ attitude with unconditional support from his wife and children have given him relentless energy to overcome his health challenges. Dr. Singh says that if Faujah Singh can start running the Marathon at the age of 89, even he could do it. And done it he has! With Faujah Singh as their inspiration, the couple has trained and participated regularly in Marathons; thoroughly enjoying the new action in their lives. Their persistence and dedication to exercise and stay healthy with routine have elevated them to positions as role models amongst their peers, family members, and youngsters.

The very internet savvy Dr. (Mrs) R. Singh has a zest for learning. She pays all her bills online, shops online, and is also an active participant in many fitness forums and Facebook pages. Her latest goal is to learn Zumba.

With pride the Singhs remark that a healthy lifestyle was always engrained in their hearts, however, due to work and family commitments, they were unable to be as active as they are now. Currently, health is their priority and they are more than committed.

Vegetarian food, ample exercise, and positive thinking are the key contributors to their new active lifestyle. To age with grace is their mantra!

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