Motivational story

Epic road trips for a good cause

Name : Louis & Janet D’souza

Age : 63 & 56 respectively

Current profession : Business

With a mutual love for traveling, this exciting couple knows just how to make the most of life and their passion; meet Louis and Janet D'souza. Last year, this powerful duo made an epic road trip from Mumbai to London. Their journey took them across 52 countries over the course of 8 months. It goes without saying that they love to explore new places, drive through various terrains, meet people of all walks of life and learn about new cultures, firsthand.

Since Louis is a diabetic, they traveled well prepared with seven months stock of Insulin and medication. It was their positive attitude and perseverance to follow up on what they wanted to do that got them through their adventure. 

Louis and Janet have been traveling to various parts of the world since 2001. Since their overland trip by road, the thrill of traveling by car has won them over.

When they were younger, family and career took precedence over all else and they couldn’t find the time to really see the world. Now, with their children well settled in their respective lives, Louis and Janet decided it was finally time to pursue their own dreams.

They caution against leading a sedentary lifestyle as it can lead to loneliness and isolation among older adults. Volunteer work to give back to the community is what they see as a win-win; you give back the support you received and you don’t have to be alone through it all... neither does anyone else. Their fantastic road-adventure also helped raise money for charities that they support.

The couple’s strong advice is that staying mentally and physically active in retirement is crucial for overall health and fitness. They also believe that nutrition plays a vital component in lifelong health and wellness.

The D'souzas prescribe developing or learning new skills to keep the mind healthy. For these two intrepid explorers, they believe that one needs to keep challenging the mind to keep those faculties working in good condition. It really doesn’t matter which skill you choose to learn. Getting your proverbial wheels turning, will strengthen your brain and give you a sense of achievement while helping you live nonstop.

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