Motivational story

Running marathons for 10 years

Name : Pierre D’Souza

Age : 52

Current profession : CEO & MD

As a CEO and MD, Pierre understands that maintaining a work-life balance is important when considering one’s health. A consistent form of exercise that you love and enjoy helps builds up stamina and health. Pierre found his joy in running. According to him, running is a road to self-awareness and self-reliance. It pushes the participant to step out of a self-imposed comfort zone and can give them a high which only runners will identify with.

It’s not just about the competition; the people Pierre interacts with on his runs always seem to be friendly and supportive. Irrespective of age, status or financial background, on the road, every runner is respected. For Pierre, when he runs, everything seems right in his world.

As a child, the sport gave him a major complex. He missed out on participating in races due to ill health and a major surgery when he was only ten years old. Today, Pierre has overcome his childhood obstacles and found his niche.

Part of his journey has also been to give something back to society. He has done this by contributing to the causes he cares about through a medium he’s prepared himself for. In September of 2016, he ran the Berlin Marathon for an NGO named ‘Lepra’ that provides aid to children in India and Bangladesh who suffer from leprosy.

It’s been ten years since he began running marathons. To maintain that level of fitness over such a long period of time and be dedicatedly consistent about it is no piece of cake. Pierre’s secret is regular training with a planned, healthy, disciplined lifestyle.

Pierre believes that it’s never too late to pursue the activities that interest you. If there is something that excites, inspires or motivates you, just go for it! It’s when you start questioning and doubting your decision and capabilities, that your fears arise. But that’s precisely when you need to push through the apprehensions. It’s how you will make a breakthrough and realize all of the amazing potentials you’re capable of.

To Pierre, this is how you will learn more about yourself; this is how you will grow.

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