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Dancing is in her blood, but yoga helps her relax

Name : Patrice L. Fernandes

Age : 65

Current profession : Homemaker

Patrice has always been an active individual and that was not about to stop. From participating in various sports and school activities, she would have even taken up the ballet or dance if they were available while she traveled with her parents throughout the country with the Armed Forces. At 65, she takes the time out to be part of her community’s various activities and look after a thoroughly cared-for garden in her home in Bandra, Mumbai.

While she may not have had the opportunity to take it up seriously when she was younger, Patrice has had dancing in her blood for a long time and wasn’t about to let age get in the way. Realizing that age is just a state of mind she decided to fulfill her dream to learn a variety of dances from hip-hop and contemporary to Bollywood, Broadway and more. She signed up with Shiamak Davar's Institute of Performing Arts when she was 50 and continued with them for almost 9 years. This was also another way for this active mom to stay fit.

A minor back problem required her to discontinue her dancing, but it opened up an opportunity to take up yoga to help her heal. She’s been doing yoga three times a week for five years now. 

She and her husband love to travel the world and vacationing also means activities galore. From parasailing to underwater walks and more, Patrice makes the most out of her trips and doesn’t even break a sweat.

She enjoys walking and does so whenever and wherever she can. She considers it to be a great way to stay fit and active to ensure she never misses a yoga class. Yoga has helped strengthen her bones and also helps her to relax.

Patrice loves the ‘green’ and you’ll find her Facebook wall awash with pretty landscapes of her little home-garden. Laden with flowers and plants of all colours and kinds and a birdbath and feeder in the summer, Patrice believes that being around her plants is quite therapeutic.

Her philosophy is that it’s important to stay active and live nonstop if you want to ensure a healthy and happy life.

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