Motivational story

Trekking since the 1980s and still loving it

Name : H. R. Shukla

Age : 60

Current profession : Teacher

A man of few words, Mr. Shukla teaches Hindi and PT to students at a prominent Mumbai school. His love for teaching has kept him close to his vocation for over 25 years. As a PT teacher, he believes the best way for a child to learn is through example and that’s where his passion for the outdoors – trekking and camping out – comes into play.

His fondness for nature has led him to places such as Manali, Harishchandragad, Rupin and Supin valley, Manikgad, Sudhagad, and Matheran to name a few. In his childhood, while still in school, he went on a hiking trip with one of his professors, experiencing the adventure of the outdoors for the first time. And that was it! He fell in love with the adrenaline rush that comes from climbing mountains, exploring mysterious trails, the possibility of encountering wild animals, and all that comes with being in the wild. Mr. Shukla loves his nature walks; it always leaves him feeling happy and motivated.

His philosophy is that life can get mundane and a get-away back to nature is the perfect way to break the routine. Mr. Shukla is a firm promoter of taking walks anywhere that is surrounded by greenery. It provides scope and time for peaceful self-reflection. Being a bit of an introvert, he also feels that having an internal dialogue, every now and then is actually quite healthy. And so, he likes the quiet atmosphere that a trek in the outdoors provides.

Mr. Shukla started trekking in the 1980’s. Time and again, he finds himself enamored by the beauty of nature. He believes that every little escapade to someplace away from city life is good for you.

His fitness mantra is to maintain a positive mindset coupled with taking action through exercise. When it comes to physical fitness, his advice is to make sure that you eat well, sleep well and walk at least an hour daily.

Don’t hold back from enjoying life to the fullest. Do what you love, you only live once and it’s best to live it nonstop!  

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