Motivational story

A dancer, thinker and an empowering person

Name : Marita Nazareth

Age : 58

Current profession : Soft skills Facilitator and Line Dance teacher

Marita is a deep thinker, a sensitive empath, and an animator who believes that a good leader is one who can bring others to life. Always passionate about personal growth, she spends time researching what helps people live a more empowered life. She shares her insights through programs conducted for people ranging from Managers in Corporates to youth. She has researched on the functioning of the Right brain and is on a mission to propagate the value of using it to our advantage.

Marita believes that society in general, Mumbai in particular, needs more Yin energy which is calm and centered. Besides a ‘To-Do’ list, she encourages her students and herself to have a ‘To-Be’ list. Her philosophy is that a lot gets done when you are in a good state emotionally, which is precisely why she took to practicing meditation.

Her passion for dance led her to Line Dancing and she started various Dance Centers. Dancing makes her happy and she’s even picking up new routines via YouTube.

Some of her achievements include - initiating and facilitating neighborhood groups in several parts of Mumbai and training animators for the same at the national level. Marita co-founded an NGO which worked on solid waste, making children in schools conscious about the menace of faulty waste disposal and the dangers of plastic. She represented India at the"Clean up the World" South Asian Conference.

A passion that has taken center stage in Marita's life is “Healthy Lifestyle Research”. She is currently investigating recipes that offer healthy substitutes to the unhealthy food that many people consume today. Marita wants to share these insights with older adults so that they can live nonstop.

Besides eating healthy, Energy Medicine, insights on Mysticism, practicing Tai-chi, keep her on the go.

To Marita, the importance of making a gradual transition, while developing new habits is vital. Once you are committed to practicing healthier habits, the unhealthy ones simply fall away.

She recommends that everyone do things that give them joy. For Marita, life begins at 50! It’s a great time to reinvent oneself by living nonstop!

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