Motivational story

His motto is ‘Live, Love and Laugh… a lot!

Name : Faredoon Bhujwala

Age : 56

Current profession : Facilitator and English Language Enabler

Faredoon has an undying passion for life and all things living. Being a veteran of Mumbai’s art scene for quite awhile, he loves delving into experiential forms of performance art. His latest interest is in the field of Psycho-Physical Dramaturgy, which is a challenging activity and one that he found was perfect to explore his creative needs. Faredoon loves to keep learning and breaking through newer frontiers in the world of performance and art.

His current crusade is to save the city’s “green” from the powers that be. You’ll find him in the jungles of Aarey Milk Colony and the concrete jungle of South Mumbai fighting to protect nature from being overrun. It was a lack of action that agitated and propelled him to participate in the cause to protect the greenery of the city. He feels that it is only actions that will help create a movement that will bring lasting, positive changes to our society and the environment. He has also done voluntary work in jails and remand homes.

When this free spirit is not performing or crusading for another’s right to be, he’s in a corporate classroom molding eager minds to the intricacies of the English language and corporate structure.

Faredoon is a vegetarian by choice, adding fruit and raw veggies to his diet with adequate quantities of water daily. He believes that eating a healthy balanced diet is important. To stay fit, he practices Vipassana meditation and Hatha Yoga daily, along with long brisk walks whenever possible.

His motto is ‘live, love and laugh… a lot!’ He believes in doing what he loves and only chasing what stirs the passionate soul in him. Faredoon recommends others to also have a lighter approach towards life and to always find those things in daily life that will "amuse you; those that will make you smile". If you're looking for them, you will find them.

If you know that you want to try something different and your current work doesn’t satisfy you, then his advice is to move on to the things that you do wish to pursue. Follow through on your dreams and they will soon become your reality.

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