Motivational story

A champion swimmer who started at 57

Name : Ana María Canaval Landázuri

Age : 65

Current profession : Champion Peruvian Swimmer

Ana María Canaval Landázuri is a champion Peruvian swimmer and a world master who has almost 400 medals to her credit. She is 65 and is the perfect example of living nonstop and staying fit, age be damned!

When Ana María was young she loved to swim, but also needed to study. This meant that she didn’t have too much time to focus on her extracurricular activity. After a 40 year gap, Ana María, then 57, started swimming again, even though she had health problems. Nutritionists advised her to exercise as she had gained weight and had high cholesterol with heart ailments.

At that age, Ana's training routine was painstaking. Her schedule involved her hitting the gym twice a week, at night, for an hour-and-a-half each day. On the weekends, she made her way to the ocean to do what she loved most; swim.

Ana María’s commitment has been highly rewarded. She has won medals galore including one at The Pan-American Games, 2013 in Sarasota. Her family has been with her through thick and thin; they are her managers, her team, and her complete support system.

The burden of competition takes its toll on every athlete and it was the same for Ana. But her perseverance, determination and the unending support of her family give her the push to continue. She also attributes her wins to a healthy diet that includes all relevant nutrients that help her maintain her strength and a balanced fitness regime.

Her goal is not just to win more medals but to also help others achieve their objectives and potential. Post her retirement, Ana wants to help people interested in the sport, to find the will to train hard, stay motivated, and to live healthily.

Ana is happiest when she’s in the water and she wishes that everyone is able to find their own happiness doing what they really want to and living nonstop.

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