Motivational story

An agriculturist focused on helping society

Name : Stephen D’souza

Age : 57

Current profession : Social worker/ Agriculturist

Stephen comes from a family that harbors a strong inclination towards working closely with nature. A social worker, an agriculturist, and a mountain lover, at 57, Stephen is definitely living nonstop. Stephen’s work involves activities such as farming, traveling (a lot), and climbing mountains to collect exotic and rare herbs to create medicines.

The wellbeing of society is important to him. Stephen understands that not everyone can afford medical treatment; he thus decided to create natural medicines for various conditions. Some of these include medicines for kidney stones, herpes, piles, and jaundice.

For as long as he can remember, the work he does now has always been his passion. But in this phase of his life, with a little more time on his hands, he’s making the most of it. Stephen’s family bought land and cultivated it; they now they grow herbs for medicines and organic vegetables for good health. His motto is to save human lives with Mother Nature’s help by creating medicines which are a traditional secret in his family.

Stephen makes frequent trips to the mountains on his two-wheeler in his search for various herbs for his medicines. He can’t always make these excursions by road and often needs to get about on foot; hiking through the terrain. He likes to do this by himself. Stephen travels to Goa, Pune, Talasari, Kankavli and many other locations that are situated within the state and a few that on the outskirts. He enjoys engaging with the indigenous tribal people who help him gather herbs from the forest.

Growing up in a family that has already invested in activities that Stephen was also interested in, he never felt like he was missing out on anything. He was always engaged in pursuing hobbies that he enjoyed and sports that keep him fit.

While he played hockey and football in his childhood, these days he loves to go swimming. When it comes to fitness, his work keeps him active and energetic.

His advice on fitness is to always be on the move. Keep yourself healthy and lead a disciplined life is Stephen's mantra. 

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