Motivational story

Fitness has always been a challenge and a zeal

Name : Nishrin Parikh

Age : 50

Current profession : Fitness trainer

Nishrin Parikh, a fitness trainer by profession, is currently practising weight lifting, yoga and martial arts at 50. To her, this is what living nonstop is all about. These activities are challenging which makes them exciting for her. Fitness is Nishrin’s source of happiness, expression, and self-confidence. That being said, Nishrin has set realistic goals for herself and the results are visible.

She follows a low-carb, high fiber and high protein vegetarian diet, and spends an hour a day practicing yoga with another hour of lifting weights. Besides that, she also spends about 3-4 hours a day training clients which add up to her exercising again a little bit to show them the correct techniques. She’s always conscious about her hygiene, weight, and diet.

At the young age of 15, Nishrin started practicing Karate and achieved a Black Belt. She also received a medal in the national games seven years later. Post the birth of her children, Nishrin did not have the time to continue practicing the sport. She then took up aerobics, Pilates, yoga and body toning. Fitness has always been a zeal for Nishrin.

Being a homemaker and a mother of two, it was difficult for her to devote time to compete in tournaments, but she persevered and at 50, Nishrin has participated in the Gladrags Mrs. India, Ms. Fitness India, and Mr. India body building competitions. While some of the contestants were almost half her age, she didn’t let it deter her from participating.

Nishrin feels that absolute commitment and self-discipline are important for anyone to succeed in life. These two sentiments are what drive her.

It’s never too late to pursue something one loves, is what Nishrin believes. After she started a rigorous fitness regime, she has seen her body transform and become much stronger and agile over the last three years.

She proudly says that she is a lot stronger now both mentally and physically than she was 10-15 years ago.

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