Motivational story

Neurosurgeon and avid cyclist for a good cause

Name : Dr. Arvind Bhateja

Age : 47

Current profession : Neurosurgeon and Spine Surgeon

Meet Dr. Bhateja; Neurosurgeon, avid cyclist, and activist for a good cause. At 47, Dr. Bhateja is nowhere near slowing down; in fact, he’s just getting started.

Although an active cyclist in his younger days, he gave it up during his residency only to find a renewed interest in the sport when going through a "mid-life crisis". He picked up his bike and has been riding ever since.

Dr. Bhateja has made his rekindled passion for cycling a serious hobby and participates in events like the prestigious Tour of Nilgiris (TFN). This is a grueling race, held over six days, covering a distance of 800 KM across Karnataka, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu. Dr. Bhateja completed the race placed first in the Veterans category while simultaneously raising Rs. 3.5 lakhs for a worthy cause called "Giving Back". The program has raised over 20 lakhs and funded over 100 spine surgeries for underprivileged individuals who couldn’t afford to pay for the treatments themselves.

The good doctor believes that being in a race with younger, stronger, faster riders is a humbling experience; one with plenty of learning potential. It stimulates him to work harder and train more intelligently to race better. His regime consists of three indoor workouts and two outdoor rides per week. His training includes up to 8-12 hours a week of riding, depending on the event he’s training for.

Aside from cycling, Dr. Bhateja has also participated in half marathons and a half ironman triathlon, but cycling is still his main focus. He kicked off in 2009, but began racing actively in 2014, starting with local races and moving up to international amateur races which he considered to be great fun and again, a very humbling experience.

Dr. Bhateja believes that getting fit and the resultant improvement in health, have immeasurable valuable and no amount of money can buy that. His favorite quote is - "Pain is weakness leaving the body."

Dr. Bhateja intends to pursue his passion for cycling for the foreseeable future. For the good doctor, age is just a number in one’s mind; words to live by.

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