Motivational story

A mompreneur/ lawyer fighting for the little guy

Name : Cassandra Nazareth

Age : 55

Current profession : Self Employed Mompreneur

Cassandra, Cassy – to her friends and family – is a go-getter and has been so for the last 35 years. A mother, a consultant, a fashion designer, an entrepreneur, an activist and now a lawyer, at 55, Cassy is definitely living nonstop.

Fulfilling her dream of becoming an entrepreneur before she turned 40, she has turned her sights onto new avenues of Activism and the pursuit of helping others. From starting and running her own business, having three kids and keeping her household streamlined, she began getting involved in various community service projects.

She joined up with a group of like-minded individuals and started a movement to help uplift the livelihood of villagers in the forests of Aarey Milk Colony, Mumbai. Cassy and team put into place a Women's Empowerment Project for the Benefit of the Tribal Women living in the remote forest of Aarey Milk Colony, Mumbai. She conceptualised and implemented the WWH Tribal Lunch & Tribal Tadka range of products for these communities. Through these programs, she aims to bring more water and better sanitation for the people of the village. She makes frequent trips deep into the Aarey forest and spends the day with the locals then traveling to other parts of the city to meet officials and gets back home to make sure everyone is ok.

Nonetheless, because of her passion for helping people and her tenacity to find new challenges, she began to dabble with the idea of going to law school. Her motivation was to better understand our judicial system, gain insight into how things work and to better help the community. At 52, she went to law school and now holds an LLB degree, making her an MA, LLB from Mumbai University. She would make frequent trips to the college for lectures, take exams and also made sure her youngest got to school, none of which seemed to slow her down. She even has time to maintain a splendid little kitchen garden.

Her secret to staying healthy through an active lifestyle is to drink plenty of water, eat healthily and if you can’t exercise, walk as much as you can. Cassy’s personal philosophy is that everyone has the potential to touch the stars; they just need to step up and do it. Her passion fuels her and her belief that living nonstop keeps her going.

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