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He enjoys living life non-stop!

Name : Santosh Pardeshi

Age : 40

Current profession : Doctor (Naturopathy)

Since his childhood, Santosh was born for the field. He stated nurturing the athlete within him as early as when he was in the 6th standard, participating in the long jump and high jump events he competed in Taluka, District and State level tournaments.

Belonging to a middle-class family, when Santosh reached his 10th standard, his parents nudged him towards studies and getting good grades despite his flourishing interest and talent in athletics. Santosh took this as a challenge and while he did his diploma in ‘Multipurpose Health Service’, he started playing at the university level. It was tough to manage the higher academics with sports but quitting was not an option. This attitude is what kept him on top and he stood 3rd in the state at the completion of his diploma.

Soon, after due to frail financial conditions of his family, Santosh had to abandon all his thoughts about being a sportsman. This was when he startedHe working as a Multipurpose Health Worker in Pen, Maharashtra. Along with his job he started pursuing N.D.H.S.C. and became a Doctor of Naturopathy. Even with a hectic work & academic schedule, Santosh managed to play a few events for state and taluka level.

In the year 2006 Santosh met with an unfortunate accident which gravely injured him and his family. As he was recovering, later that year, he caught Dengue which brought his health quotient so low that it would have marred any athlete’s spirit.

It took him 4 long years to recover but once he did there was just three things on his mind – family, work and training. Finally, in 2013, he started participating in open sports tournaments.

His dream was to be an international athlete and he achieved this dream in 2017.

At 40 Santosh has 3 silver medals in shot put; disk throw and sphere throw to his credit that he won in the 31st Malaysian International Open Masters Tournament in 2017. In the same year, he secured gold medals in the hammer throw and shot put in the 9th World Masters Game 2017 held in New Zealand. In previous years he secured a gold medal in shot put in SLT Annual Mercantile Athletic Championship 2016, Sri Lanka and a gold medal in shot put and bronze in sphere throw in the Australian Pacific Masters Game, 2015.

Santosh makes it a point to stays away from bad food habits and indulgences. Apart from a good home cooked meal he uses protein supplements to give him that extra edge during his practice and tournaments. 

Santosh believes in leading by example and wishes to inspire younger as well as master athletes to find reasons to win instead of excuses to give up. This positive attitude coupled with an iron will is what lets Santosh set bigger goals each year and live non-stop!

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