Motivational story

He leaps effortlessly over life's obstacles

Name : Deepak Patil

Age : 55

Current profession : Chargehand, Mechanical Engineering Dept., Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd.

Deepak began his journey as an athlete at St Mary’s School, Mazagaon. At the age of 12 Deepak’s PT teacher, on seeing his enthusiasm for athletics, offered to mentor him, which Deepak willingly accepted. Under his mentor's guidance, Deepak trained harder each day, gaining both confidence and interest in athletics.

But as he grew, so did his responsibilities and Deepak soon took up a job. His job was physically demanding as it included field work for the most part of the day. But the challenges of his job did not dampen his zeal. He kept on training himself and worked to keep his health in pristine condition. In fact, his training helped him maintain a good work-life harmony. 

Thereafter, Deepak’s efforts gave way and he was transferred to the general shift. For the past 25 years, Deepak is working in the general shift and has maintained a meticulous- work and training routing, till date. 

Getting up at 06:30 am Deepak takes a warm bath, has his glass of milk and two chapattis and leaves for office. At 08:30 he has two boiled eggs, some poha or upma. He avoids indulging in any greasy options available at the company canteen. To keep going during the day he has an early lunch at around 12:00 pm that includes chappaties, rice, sabzi and chicken. A fruit is always by his side to deal with hunger pangs on the field. At 04:15 he fills a bottle of glucose and has two bananas and heads to his training ground at the University Stadium, Marine Lines, Mumbai. He practices for a good 1 ½ hour. Besides basic training, he practices 100 meters running, long jump and triple jump. 

Since the beginning, Deepak was a regular participant in 100 meters running, long jump and triple jump events at the district, state and national level.  But 100 meters has always been his favourite, as it is a full-throttle challenge for the body. In 2017, he participated in the Sri-lankan Open Athletic meet (Masters), where he secured a bronze medal for 100 meters. He also participated in the World Championship New Zealand, Auckland (Masters) and the International Malaysian Open Athletics (Masters) meet this year where he earned gold for triple jump, silver for long jump and a bronze for 100 meters running. 

Taking a cue from his athletic prowess Deepak joined the Territorial Army where he served for 21 years (Retired 2015). During his tenure, he gains hands-on experience in firing and handling different kinds of firearms and also excelled in drills as he wanted to be ready to answer the call in matters of national security and calamities. 

Even as a Master Athlete, Deepak has to face many challenges on the financial front due to lack of sponsors. But he gladly spends on his training expenses. He also helps out young athletes who struggle for proper coaching and equipment due to lack of monetary aid. 

Deepak’s motto of ‘Staying fit Today’ by doing whatever you must ‘Now’ and providing your body with only that which is good for it, allows him to live nonstop!

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