Motivational story

Age does not inhibit her thirst for adventure.

Name : Kamal Khatri

Age : 54

Current profession : Spanish teacher

From being a dedicated mother and homemaker, Kamal has finally spread her wings and is now focusing on finally living her dreams of travel and finding adventure.

She has always nursed a love for travel which was not easy to do while nursing three children. With her kids all grown up and out of the house, she decided to focus on herself and her passions.

Kamal is fully aware of the physical toll that being adventurous comes hand-in-glove with. To ensure she’s always prepared for her next big travel destination, she keeps herself fit by practicing yoga and swimming. She also enjoys regular brisk walks to get her blood pumping, keep her muscles strong and her stamina high. She maintains a strict, healthy diet to give her the strength and energy she needs to take on her dreams of traveling to new and exciting places.

That being said, at the core of it all, her family is still her strength. She plans an annual trip with her children that is not a typical vacation for relaxing. Her itinerary usually includes short treks, long journeys, and plenty of other outdoor activities. Through the cold of the north at the Rohtang pass and the beautiful views from mountaintops in Darjeeling and Sikkim, to the sights of Manali, Kamal loves her outdoors. Her trip to Spiti valley led her and her son through paths in the forest and surrounding hills which she was well prepared for thanks to her fitness regime. It is this sense of adventure that gives her the courage to push past her inhibitions and take on her dreams.

Staying healthy is extremely important to this intrepid lady. Being a trained Naturopath she ensures her diet is optimised for her new lifestyle. Her goal is to always have the energy to keep up with her kids whenever they travel.  

So, from yoga and healthy foods to travel, teaching Spanish and dabbling in art, Kamal is able to keep herself physically and mentally strong for any adventure that life brings. Her motto embodies her goal of living life nonstop and living her dreams. She believes that we should love ourselves and to do that, we must look after ourselves.

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