Motivational story

Her passion for running is what drives her!

Name : Taru Mateti

Age : 53

Current profession : Delivery Head (Head Documentation and eLearning) – Cybage Software

Following some dreams requires real commitment; Taru Mateti knew this fully well when she decided to follow hers of becoming a long distance marathoner. 

To live up her personal goal, she has had to consistently boost her physical endurance levels over the last few years.From badminton to brisk walking, she found her true calling at 49 when she took up running. 

The first major event that Taru participated in was the ‘Airtel Hyderabad Marathon’ in August 2013 (half marathon). In the three 3 years after, she participated in the ‘Stan-Chart Mumbai Marathon’. In 2015, she participated and successfully completed the grueling 50k‘Pune Ultramarathon’. Since then she’s been a prominent participant of half marathons all over the country and abroad from Delhi and Hyderabad to Melbourne. Taru is preparing herself for two full marathons/ultra marathons per year and trains hard for each. For the last 4 years, she has been gradually scaling up on her distance running and is focused on completing the longer ultramarathons.

Taru maintains a basic training schedule that includes running in different styles i.e. sprinting, jogging, hill training, and striding at least 3-4 days a week. She does strength training twice a week, and yoga on some days with an occasional cycling session thrown into the mix. During marathon season, her training becomes more intense but ensures that she dedicates time to recovery post major runs and is always experimenting with training techniques to better her game. 

Initially, Taru did not follow a specific diet, but that changed when her running goals became a priority. She monitors her calorie intake carefully but also believes in moderation. Hence, she ensures that she doesn’t deprive herself of her favourite foods every once in a while. 

According to Taru, when it comes to running, people can start at any age. It’s only a matter starting slowly and working your way up to longer distances. She believes that one should remain positive and surround oneself with positive people in order to pursue a dream or goal, be it physical or otherwise. Setbacks can always be overcome with proper guidance, training and a little positive reinforcement. 

Her philosophy to living life nonstop is that it’s important to never give up and keep at it; hard work and perseverance will always be rewarded.

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