Motivational story

Running is his passion, his purpose.

Name : Ashok Nath

Age : 54

Current profession : Founder & MD – Catalyst Sports and a Running Evangelist

Running a marathon is no easy task and it only gets harder with age. Participating in marathons on a global scale, at 54, is quite remarkable by any standard which makes Ashok a.k.a. Ash, quite a remarkable individual.  

It’s no secret that Ash loves the sport; he considers it to be his me-time; a retreat to de-stress. Giving up his corporate life, he followed his passion for running and became a regular podium finisher at 10k and half marathons. At the Ultramarathon distance races he’s usually leading the pack. His training and dedication to the sport have taken him all over the world, participating in some of the biggest events on the globe including the World Marathon Majors that he aims to complete at the end of the year. He's also on the verge of completing the 'Seven Continent Marathon', post his South America and Antarctica leg.

From being an eight-time consecutive Boston Marathon Qualifier and breaking the sub-3 hour barrier for a full marathon, at 50 no less; he held the record for being the fastest Indian at the 89km Comrades Ultra-Marathon in South Africa (known as the “Ultimate Human Race”) up until very recently. At home, Ash has also been a three-time winner at the StanChart Mumbai Marathon.

His goal is to help train and encourage others like him, so he set up ‘Catalyst Sports’; a business that operates in the running knowledge space and is focused on mentoring and conducting workshops. Ash has also played an important role in the setting up of the India Amateur Runners Trust and been an integral part of the production of “Limitless” (a documentary on women and running).

With his skill, experience, and knowledge of the sport, he's considered a thought leader in the field. His workshops are held across the country to help individuals find their spirit to run and understand its health benefits. 

His advice is if you want to be fit and have a healthy lifestyle you need to forget your chronological age and focus on your metabolic age by staying active and alert. He says that one can push back the natural aging process of muscle loss and age-related ailments by simply staying active. 

To all those who want to live life nonstop, Ash suggests that you find your passion, understand it, and pursue it!

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