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Name : S. Chidambar

Age : 70

Current profession : Management Consultant

Mr. S. Chidambar was the type of student that was at the top of his class and also made it a point to excel in extracurricular activities. He continues to be a driven individual who is one of India’s leading specialists in his industry who served as CEO of four leading companies before he set up on his own in 1992. But aside from his professional career, he proceeds to #LiveNonstop as well, undertaking a host of activities like music, theatre, sports and writing.

From the saxophone to the flute, keyboards, guitar, harmonica, recorder, and percussion at concert levels of proficiency, Mr. Chidambar is a versatile musician and vocalist. He’s been a member of several well-known bands/groups that have performed widely all over India for almost 60 years. He has also performed widely over Aakashvani and Doordarshan and co-founded Capital City Minstrels, one of India’s most famous choirs and served as its President for many years.

Since 2010, he’s been teaching music at the Delhi School of Music on weekends. He also writes extensively on music and reviews concerts and musical events for several well-known publications.

His theatre prowess includes participation in several well-known theatrical productions in Mumbai, Kolkata and Delhi (either acting lead roles or in backstage production – lights/music/sound) over the last 50 years.

Mr. Chidambar has even been a quiz master, winning the national championship (North Star Quiz) with his team, representing Delhi and the Northern region at the national level. He was the advisor to TV’s first ever national quiz competition – Quiz Time in 1984. He’s also an accomplished writer in both non-technical material and technical content published in international technical journals for several years.

Being an active sportsman in games such as cricket, tennis, squash and badminton since he was young and through his corporate career he still likes to keep himself very fit, it’s how he always has the energy to #LiveNonstop.

His message is that one should never be afraid to follow your dreams; if you do it with dedication, you will certainly excel in whatever you choose to do.

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