Motivational story

Life's challenges do not limit her passion.

Name : Anubha Sharma

Age : 48 years

Current profession : Founder & CEO, Angel Xpress Foundation

Anubha does not flinch when it comes to taking bold strides in her life. She is a self-made woman who has faced her challenges head-on and emerged victorious. Her life has been full of ups and downs, but she’s always been able to rise to the occasion and beat the odds. 

In 2008, a disc collapse from an accident made every day walking a difficult task. Despite being recommended for surgery, Anubha decided to work through the pain to get to her best form. She began a laborious process of physiotherapy sessions that were designed to build her strength. Once she made headway and started to feel better, Anubha took the challenge a little further. With enough confidence and determination, she then began training to run and before long, Anubha was participating in half marathons. Today, Anubha’s training regime has graduated to taking up Kick Boxing and yoga. Because of her strong and motivated resolve, Anubha, has not been required to undergo that spinal operation.

In 2012 she left a long standing career and National level position as a Financial Service Professional, for a much more fulfilling role as Founder & CEO of the Angel Xpress Foundation. Through this NGO, Anubha creates mentoring programs which enable concerned citizens to empower underprivileged, first generation learners through basic education. Apart from being a noble venture, the foundation requires a lot of leg work that takes Anubha all around the city arranging each program. It’s not too hard finding volunteers for Angel Xpress; especially when the founder’s perseverance makes her an inspiration to the people she approaches. From homemakers and active retirees, Anubha encourages everyone to take part in these endeavors.

To keep up with her hectic and physically challenging work regime, Anubha maintains a workout routine that revolves around active strength training and cardio combined with stretching and yoga. Due to her demanding vocation, maintaining a good meal cycle is a little tough. But she compensates by taking prescribed vitamins and supplements. She also includes natural curative spices in her food, whenever possible, to aid in the boost of her endurance.

Anubha strongly says that one needs to take time off to explore their individuality. Following a passion is a good way to connect with one’s self is her belief. Her words of wisdom are - whatever activity you take up, it should add to your personality and built you beyond the confines of your workspace and relationships; this is the best way to live nonstop!

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