Motivational story

A power couple that's always on the go

Name : Oliver & Ann Rana

Age : 69 & 63

Current profession : Retired / French Tutor

Sitting still is not something this couple is altogether comfortable with. From being an active part of the community and traveling all over the country, educating young minds, walking the catwalk and playing the drums; it's just go, go go!

For Ann, travel has been in her blood since she can remember. An Army brat, Ann (Anna to her family) has seen quite a bit of the country while on the road with her family. Her life has taken her through many adventures including the NCC where she won medals for Sharpshooting. After her two sons grew up, she decided that being a homemaker was not active enough. She became actively involved in the community and local church and was part of almost every function, big or small, as part of the organizational committee or as an active participant. From modeling dresses for local boutiques to putting on dances at local functions, Ann is a pure example of living nonstop. 

Oliver, or Ola, as he’s called by most, was simply not content with retirement and taking it easy. Music has been in his blood since his early days as local DJ for community events. Being an avid percussionist, he’s been playing the drums for quite some time and shows no signs of giving it up. Together with a few friends, they ‘jam’ as frequently as they can with makeshift instruments they crafted themselves. Tey even formed a little band that plays at local events and community functions. His gift of the gab lets him host most of these functions as well. When he’s not participating in these events or looking after his garden, he’s on his motorcycle making his way to look after his brother’s properties in nearby locations; pushing it across the sands and riding it up planks and onto boats to cross the water. Ola’s work in the local community also has him interacting with various government bodies around the neighborhood to get things done.

They love making frequent trips around the state and the country where they can explore new lands and cultures and find new adventures. Their secret is to just ‘be’; to do what they love and lead a simple, but active life. To eat, drink, be merry and enjoy life as it comes is how they choose to live and it gives them both the strength and encouragement to take on the next big thing that comes their way, to live nonstop!

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