Motivational story

Running helps him live his life to the fullest!

Name : Thomas Bobby Philip

Age : 51

Current profession : Capability Development Manager, Nokia

Bobby believes he ‘accidentally’ found his passion for running at 43 and it led him to create history 7 years later as the first Indian to run barefoot and the only barefoot runner in the 2015 Boston Marathon.

Although Bobby has always led an active life, he never pursued sports actively in his younger years. While helping his daughter train for a school event, they trained together and two weeks of running made him realize that he didn’t want to stop. Starting at 300 meters, he progressed to 500 meters and hit the 1km mark soon after. Joining the Nike Run Club helped him find like minded people and further his passion for the sport.

During the Sunfeast 10k run in 2009, Thomas Bobby Philip hit his target of running a distance of 10k, without a break; this was only two months after he began training. His training included gradually increasing his endurance and strength to go further. It included two to three days of strength training workouts and one day of complete rest for recovery. He now runs around 3 to 4 days a week, based on the event he’s training for. 

He ran his first half marathon at the StanChart Mumbai Marathon (SCMM) in 2010, completing it in 1hr and 52 minutes which has consistently improved over the years. Usually participating in just one marathon a year, in 2015, he pushed himself to run both the Boston Marathon and the Big Sur Full Marathon events.

Bobby decided to change his lifestyle when he began to train his daughter letting go of the habits he believed were holding him back from optimal health. His focus switched to a healthier lifestyle, physical fitness, better nutrition, and on getting stronger.

With a diet consisting mainly of a combination of protein, healthy fats and carbohydrates Bobby ensures he’s always energised and ready for his next run. He also includes lots of nuts and dry fruits with milk or curd. 

Bobby wishes to be an inspiration to runners across all age categories believing firmly that people should challenge themselves to live nonstop to go from 1km to the full marathon distances, gradually. He hopes to inspire other runners to openly share experiences with everyone and that he is able to provide support to anyone interested in the sport, no matter at what their age.

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