Motivational story

A Karate Master who loves to train non-stop.

Name : Jogy Abraham

Age : 57

Current profession : Dean, IRKI

While Jogy makes it look simple, Karate requires sincere dedication, willpower and strength along with maintaining optimum health. 

For the past 4 decades, Jogy has dedicated his life to his sport and today, he holds a 7th Degree Black Belt in Karate at the Asian level and a 5th Degree Black Belt at the International level, bestowed by the World Karate Federation.

At 57, he still displays uncanny vigor and passion for ceaseless self-improvement. While he currently serves as Dean of one of the country’s largest traditional Karate schools - Itosu-Ryu Karatedo India (IRKI)- that trains over 10,000 students at dojos all over India, he still makes time to further his skills and learn new techniques. 

Jogy’s personal training doesn’t just rely on martial arts, his workouts include alternating between an hour of intense martial arts training followed by an hour of light weight training; 6 days a week with one day of complete rest. This rigorous training regime has been designed around the international competition circuit. Jogy’s evenings are spent training aspiring students in both the physical and mental aspects of this ancient art of self-defense where students of all ages are welcome. The progress of each student is vetted through periodic tests and tournaments conducted under Jogy’s judicious supervision. Another credit to the dedication he has for the sport is time and effort he puts in to help create worthy talent to compete in various state, national, and international events. 

Jogy strongly advocates the learning and practice of Karate as a sport that imparts wisdom and discipline. He helps inspire the community by setting an example for them through the evolution of techniques and fundamentals through regular meets with staff to create robust training programs for his pupils. 

Jogy is a beckoning inspiration for all those who know him. He juggles the roles of teacher, friend, and philosopher in every life he touches. For him, age is only a state of one’s psyche. His mantra to live life nonstop is to perceive any activity you choose to partake in as a way of life irrespective of your age and approach it with dedication and verve. He believes in not taking things for granted, to live a fulfilling life.

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