Motivational story

He lives to challenge the odds.

Name : Sadasivan S. Iyer

Age : 50

Current profession : Working as a Senior technical manager in Kansai Nerolac Paints Ltd.

Staying active with sports activates like volleyball, running, football etc. marked his youth and even now at the age of 50, Sadasivan S. Iyer A.K.A ‘Satish’, exudes a sense of fitness that is rare at his age. Perfectly balancing his professional life and family responsibilities Satish keeps on perusing his fitness goals, achieving one milestone after the other. This is the reason why he is able to maintain his physical prime even today.

Running long distances was always his passion. So much so, that he participated in the Mumbai Marathon for 9 consecutive years, where he ran the half marathon. But as luck would have it, a knee injury soon limited his ability to run that extra mile. But quitting was not an option for Satish. Letting go of his passion for running was surely a setback but that did not damage his spirit for achieving new fitness goals.

It is during this time that he found a new zeal for fitness in the form of an ‘All-Terrain Bicycle’. Quickly adapting to this low impact sport Satish began to satisfy his fitness appetite without having to worry about his damaged knee. 

Since the last 5 years, Satish has been pedaling away on his bicycle... He has cycled all the way from Mumbai, along the costal route until he reached the sun-kissed beaches of Goa. He has also scaled the Nilgiris, cycling from Coimbatore to Mangalore. 

For Satish, cycling is not only a way to remain fit, but a way of life! He wholeheartedly believes in the sport and organizes workshops and community rides for cycling enthusiasts through the C3 - Chembur Cycling Club. 

Following a disciplined and organized lifestyle Satish makes sure he has proper meals to support his high intensity activities. Having a heavy breakfast and timely meals are sacrosanct for his daily regime. On the workout front, Satish follows a mix of resistance and cardio drills. He does weight training for 30 minutes, around 4 times a week and also manages to cycle for a minimum of 100 kilometers, each week. Satish’s fitness appetite is never ending. His future goals are to conquer the challenging terrains of Leh-Ladakh and Tawang, while his ultimate dream is to cycle around the world. 

A strong body is the precursor for a healthy mind is the value he lives by. According to him only a fit mind and body can craft a good personality and a positive attitude. Physical attributes combined with clarity of thoughts are what help Satish to livenonstop!

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