Motivational story

He believes life is about pushing the limits.

Name : Brian Phillips

Age : 52

Current profession : Creative Director

After churning out creative ideas all day from behind his desk, Brian comes home prepared to answer the call of the playground. Even at the age of 52, Brian loves challenging himself physically with sports that test his endurance and skill. 

Sweating it out at the beach, over a game of football is a passion that fuels him. He plans on making it a professional endeavor someday. When he’s not playing soccer he enjoys a few innings of cricket with his friends. 

Though action-packed sports appeal to Brian, his love for the outdoors and being around nature is also something he values intensely. When he’s not scoring goals or hitting boundaries on the playground, he spends time with nature by trekking over hilltops.

He’s never short of breath when it comes to staying fit. Since his youth, Brian has been following a meticulous fitness routine, packing his day with physical activities. This self-discipline has allowed him to stay in great shape and continue his passion for sports even today.

To Brian, even a long and tiring day at work is incomplete without a game on the beach. Soccer has always been his favorite sports and comes to him naturally. While he often contemplates his current choice of vocation against a career in sports, Brian never lets that stop him from playing whenever he gets the opportunity; be it on the beach or a ground in the neighborhood.

To keep his fitness at a peak level, Brian makes sure he conditions his strength and stamina through regular physical training. This includes walking for at least half an hour on a daily basis, rigorous stretching routines in the morning and participating in outdoor games for a minimum of 90 minutes a day, 4 days a week. He also tries to squeeze in a little yoga into his fitness regime. As far as his dietary habits are concerned, Brian avoids bad fats and stays away from vices such as smoking.

Brian is a firm believer that it’s never too late to begin a new chapter. It’s all about being persistent with your efforts. His word of advice to live nonstop is to trust and challenge your body instead of worrying about the limitations of age!


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