Ensure Dreams Survey

70% older Indians cite lack of strength as biggest reason for unfulfilled dreams – Ensure Dreams Survey

It’s easy to assume that parents and elders are quite satisfied seeing their children succeed, but is that all they really want from life? The Ensure Dreams Survey set out to discover if there was more. The results brought to light interesting insights into the Indian family dynamic with specific regard to the dreams and aspirations of our elders and how the younger generation views them.

The Dreams survey was conducted amongst 1200 respondents made up of 600 young working professionals, men and women (aged 25 to 40 years old) and 600 parents (aged over 50) across 6 major Indian cities - Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, and Hyderabad. The results of the survey revealed a strong connection between older adults, their children and unfulfilled dreams put on hold.

From the lack of strength being the major concern for dreams being shelved, to the lack of finances, the results will certainly bring a new perspective to the table.

Our infographic highlights the most important aspects and statistics of the survey conducted by our teams, take a look:-