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Prodigal Children: Millennials are persuading Parents to revive their Dream Projects

Dreams and aspirations aren't just words — they are sentiments that complete a person. It's hard to believe that anyone would voluntarily shun all the dreams of their younger years just because they took on bigger responsibilities. Yet it happens all the time. While we're growing up, we too tend to forget the kind of sacrifices our parents and guardians are making to ensure that we're on the path to fulfil our dreams.

Dreaming Big : Indians over 50 no longer see age as a barrier to #LiveNonstop

Times have changed. India's golden agers lead far more active lives and lifestyles than they used to. Indian men and women over 50 have a broader outlook towards life today, living with the zest and optimism that is so common among millennials. They understand that their bodies require more attention than they used to, but also want to ensure that it doesn't hamper their golden years.

Fifty plus and restless: How older Indians are working on unfulfilled dreams

Fifty seems to be the new thirty. Not very long ago, hitting the big 'five-oh' was considered a time to slow down in life; a time to take things easy and relax. That's no longer the norm. With advances in medical care and growing self-awareness, perceptions are changing. People turning 50 are starting to invest in themselves and have no intention of applying the brakes; their goal is to #LiveNonstop.

Role reversal: Help Your Parents Unpause their Dreams

Unfulfilled dreams make for unhappy people. Some people couch it behind dull smiles and others just vent to their friends. As people grow older, with their dreams left unattended, they harbour not just regret but also despair. I'm quite certain we've all met people over 50 with unfulfilled dreams, we just don't recognise them. While they may not say it out aloud, you can hear it in their disappointed voices.

Powering up 50 plus adults to #Livenonstop

I enjoy travelling to different locations across India for holidays and pilgrimages. Having travelled a lot over the last few years, I have had the opportunity to interact with people from different walks of life, across all age groups. In my post today, I'd like to talk about an important observation that I've made during the course of my travels.

How our children are becoming the wind beneath our wings

For many of us, our dreams and aspirations tend to get buried because of our personal or professional responsibilities. I can attest to this as I have my own that were packed away and stored on a cupboard shelf for many years. My camera has been collecting dust for quite some time now as I put it away when motherhood became my priority.

Fulfilling your dreams: Are they the prerogative of just the young?

Life is full of ups and downs, but the power to handle those lies within us. Our culture has always been one of support, with large families where parents look after the kids and the roles change when they grow up. In most cases, it's difficult for parents to focus on their dreams while making a living and working their way up the career ladder.

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