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6 Nutrients to help you stay healthy and fit

The ‘Golden Years’ may bring a number of sweet surprises, the question is, are you ready to make the most of them? While it’s the time that you’ve earned to take things down a notch, hitting 50 doesn’t mean you need to slow down to a crawl. Think of this as the time to forge new stories and have new adventures, make memories to be cherished forever – like travelling to your favourite destinations, taking up a sport or other activity or simply enjoying a game of hide and seek with your grandchildren!

Each of these activities requires strength, energy, and good health. Which is why, once you enter these golden years, your body needs the right nutrition to help you stay fit and healthy. You need to make lifestyle modifications like choosing healthy dietary options and complementing them with physical activities like brisk walking, swimming etc. These will ensure that your energy levels aren’t diminished and you’re ready for anything.

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